Sunday, July 8, 2012

Long Run - July 1st

Another training pictorial, courtesy of Ellen. The map and GPS info is courtesy of our Garmin Tracker Unit (GTU 10). This allows Ellen to keep up with where I'm at when out training.

I went home to Fort Walton Beach, FL to visit my mom for her birthday. Coach Mary gave me a reprieve from Saturday's long ride - I sat on the trainer Friday night for two hours - but I still had to get in my long Sunday run.

So Saturday night I drove around my home time finding a lap that would get me about 9 miles before returning home for a bathroom break. 

Running in Florida pros:
Cooler than Georgia (at least on July 1st. Only 92 vs. 106)

Running in Florida cons:
No shade anywhere

Lets call it a draw:
Sidewalks - easy to route, hard on the body

 Sun still isn't fully up and feeling good. 

About an hour later and really starting to struggle.
Missing the shade in Georgia at this point.
Really suffering. Pain in my hip - hello gluteus medius -
that is making my limp and sun is wearing me out.
Post run - shaking out my hip as we pick up ice at
Liza Jackson park.
Time with Mom at Cinco Bayou's Frances park. And I'm
not wearing work out clothes. Happy 71 to my wonderful Mom! :)

Reward! Time at the beach. Ahhh.....

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