Monday, July 16, 2012

Late Season Ironman Training... the numbers

Here are the completed distances and durations for the last 90 days of IM training:

Completed Distances

Completed Durations

It's hard to see the numbers on these diagrams, here's how they break down:

161.42 Hours Total
78.51 Hours Cycling
40.26 Hours Running
21.11 Hours Swimming
10:00 Hours Strength Training
10:57 Hours Racing (Triathlon)

1418.75 Miles Total
1117 Miles Cycling
199 Miles Running
26.25 Miles Swimming (46228 yards)
76.5 Miles Racing

A note about the swimming time and hours... my swim time and distance is actually a little higher than reflected here because I don't typically get my open water swim time accurately reflected in Training Peaks. But... if there is anywhere that I am going to slack it is on a Monday due to vacation/day off after a race/sickness/etc. So say goodbye to one of my two swim days. I also don't do a third swim during the week - so there you go.

For comparison sake here are the numbers from three months ago:

132.23 Hours Total
61.15 Hours Cycling
31.64 Hours Running
21.48 Hours Swimming
15.75 Hours Strength Training
2.21 Hours Racing (Running)

916.85 Miles Total
726 Miles Cycling
163 Miles Running
27.5 Miles Swimming (48800 yards)

So that's a 22% jump in time and a 54% jump in distance in the last 90 days. Yowza. No wonder I am T-I-R-E-D. 

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