Monday, February 6, 2012

Fartleks and Fried Grouper

I couldn't resist that blog title.

Last week ended up being crazy busy. Coach Mary has started delivering personalized training (and the tests that go along with that), I had a work deadline, and I made a quick trip to Florida for my friend Joel's memorial service. Oh, and I had/have a cold. Nice.

For posterity, here was my training week:

Strength - 1 hour
Masters Swim - 1 hour

Indoor Cycling at Cadence - 1 hour

Cycling Lactate Threshold Test - 1 hour
Strength - 1 hour

Running Fartlek (Speed and Cadence intervals) - 1 hr. 10 mins./7 miles

Day Off

Indoor Cycling at Cadence on the Ironman Canada course - 2 hrs. 20 mins./41 miles

Run - building for Publix Half - 80 mins./8 miles

Missed/Didn't Do
Swim - Baseline Time Trial - between travel and my cold I didn't feel up to this

I had a whirlwind trip to Florida on Wednesday night for Joel's service on Thursday morning and came back to Georgia on Friday afternoon. Though quick, I wouldn't change the trip since it gave me an opportunity to see Joel's family, visit with my mom, and have a great, mind clearing run around my old high school on Thursday afternoon. Very importantly, I also got to have one of my favorite home town treats; a fried group sandwich with fries, cole slaw, and a beer. Mmmm, mmmm! Nothing says home to me like Fried Grouper.

That run on Thursday also made me realize just how much I slack when running. It hasn't necessarily been a secret to me that I don't run as fast as I can but I didn't realize that I could go faster over distance. Generally I run the same 10 minute mile no matter if I'm going 3 or 13 miles and my heart rate stays in the 150s to mid 160s. Coach Mary's heart rate material dictated that our running lactate threshold and heart rate should be higher than our cycling equivalents. That is not the case for me since I am much more comfortable pushing myself on the bike. So no more - I'm going to work on pushing the run a little harder. I have a 3 mile, all out, lactate threshold run this week and I'm looking forward to seeing what I can do. 

Lets do this!

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