Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It Doesn't Get Easier

I woke up this morning and started perusing Facebook on my mobile phone. The first status update I saw was from a friend that has been fighting thyroid cancer for many years. It appears that he has been told that there isn't anything more that can be done. 

It immediately took me back to hearing the same news for my sister. You know what it means, but it's so harsh and hard to hear. At one point when I was talking to my sister during this time and I started to cry. She looked at me in a concerned and worried way and said 'I thought we were used to this?'. But the truth is, there is never a point at which you get used to this no matter how many times you have been through it with family and friends. 

So I am thinking of my friend today and for many more days to come. He has been a source of strength as I have gone through my own journey. He has fought long and hard, in a way that I don't think I have the strength for. Believe me, training and doing an ironman is *nothing* compared to the constant grind of surgeries, scans, shots, chemo, radiation, and on and on that someone who is fighting cancer for years goes through. 

Much love and peace to you always JD.


  1. sorry to hear Susan, thinking about you and I agree you never get used to the bad news, you just have to roll with the punches and hope for better days

  2. Ohhh Susan, reading your recent post brought tears to my eyes. Even though I didn't know Deb, I can almost see her face saying those words to you. What an amazing thing to say in the face of her own diagnosis. I wish I could have met her. You are making her so very proud. You are AWESOME!!!! Sending you hugs, Barrie