Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blog Challenge

Of course I'm new to the world of blogging, but I'm starting to meet some new blog friends via Team Touch Chik. This challenge come courtesy of Too Tall Fritz who has a great blog with a sense of humor. 

Here are my questions:

1. Favorite race/event and why?
2009 Nike Women's Marathon with Team in Training. This marathon was 10 months after my pancreatectomy. When I started training for this race I had never run more than 9 miles but my coach and good friend Jo, convinced me that not only could I run - but I could run a full marathon. During that season I learned to cope with being a diabetic, learned to love running, and worked through the grief of the loss of my sister. I also got to run the last half of the race with my great friend Sarah who got me through all the tough miles. I didn't turn in a good finish time by any means but it meant so much to finish that marathon in memory of my sister. 

2. Were you a princess or a tomboy?
Am I old if I say that princess wasn't really a thing when I was a kid? :) Regardless, I wasn't really a girly girl. I did ballet and gymnastics but enjoyed BMX racing most of all.

3. Who or what inspires you and why?
The memory of my sister and father. My brother who is fighting his own cancer battle. 

Anyone who make the *choice* to better their health or contribute to cancer advocacy/research. I didn't have a choice with cancer - so someone who chooses to commit to advocacy and research is inspiring. I've been privileged to participate in a lot of Team in Training events where I have watched participants bloom into athletes in front of my eyes. Seeing their pride in both finishing an event and having made a contribution is the best inspiration ever.

4. Do you have more online friends or real life friends?
Since I'm pretty new to blogging and virtual teams it's definitely real life.

5. 20 year class reunion... Are you going, legitimately busy, or you wouldn't be caught dead stepping in the door?
Mine was 2009. I went, danced, and loved it. You can see the photos on my FB page.

6. Do you prefer flowers or candy from you S.O. or should they save the $?
Well I prefer jewelry but I have gotten flowers on occasion. My S.O. is very practical so it's a real treat.

7. If you were rich rich and famous and had the guts to name your kid something outlandish, what would that be? First and Middle name, please. 
Alice Turtle (or Rabbit) - I'm a huge Alice in Wonderland fan. I would probably never do this to a real child.

8. You're in a marathon, in first place on world record pace... You have to "go". Do you stop for a port-a-pot, possibly lose the race and a world record or do you go in the street for the world to see?
My predominant sport is triathlon where it is a point of pride to pee as many times as possible on the swim and a mark of your experience to say you have peed on the bike. I have even been peed on while being passed on the bike.

Having said that, I am happy to pee in the water but not once I am out because I am not a podium threat. If I were even close to an age group podium spot though, I would definitely let the flood gates go. There is no end of bodily fluids I would be willing to make public for a world record spot.

9. Why do you run?
Easy, because I can! :) Running, cycling, and even swimming are my therapy and a way of celebrating how far I've come through cancer and loss. I don't know what I would do without these outlets. 

10. Favorite type of run?
Long (10 or more) group runs. Celebrating the finish of a long run with friends is almost as good as race day.

11. Most adventurous "out of character" thing you've ever done?
Mmmm - that's a hard one. I don't consider myself very adventurous. I guess people might think training for an ironman is adventurous but I didn't even get into that easily - it was a very considered and cautious approach over two years to ensure that I was fit and healthy enough to attempt it. So anything I would come up with would be exceptionally lame. 

If I were more of a blogger I would be tagging other bloggers to follow up but since I am just starting out it may stop with me here. I look forward to building more of a blog network.

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  1. Great answers! Glad I tagged you! I have never peed on the bike but I have thought about "not stopping" while running on those days when you are just soaked with sweat and water anyhow, like unless you let a gusher out, who would even know?