Monday, June 25, 2012

Money Suck

Please let this be the last nutrition purchase of the season! 

Never underestimate the cost of doing extended, long distance training. I had been warned but didn't fully appreciate just how many expenses would crop up. 

This past week I finally tied up most of the loose ends; bike transportation across the country, rental car, and final bike short purchase. I had gotten in to the habit of buying mid-range bike shorts because you can afford to do that when you riding under 60 miles but those shorts just aren't cutting it with the number of miles I'm putting in the saddles these days. 

I was running really low on my gel and chew/block supply though and was not looking forward to putting a bunch of money out of pocket to replenish that supply. Lucky for me, the timing worked out right and I was able to buy a ton of supplies this past week at Performance Bike's big sale. All nutrition products 30% off. Woot! 

2 canisters Ironman Perform - Lemon/Lime
6 boxes Hammer Gel packets (4 Raspberry, 2 Huckleberry)
4 jugs Hammer Gel (2 Raspberry, 2 Huckleberry)
1 box Clif Shot Blocks - Strawberry
2 boxes Honey Stinger Chews - Cherry Blossom
2 boxes Power Bar Energy Blasts - Raspberry

(Yes, I really like chews a lot.)

1 box Nuun - Grape (Thanks Katie!!)

Grand total about $175 - that's actually a real bargain.

I think that with the Ironman Perform canisters and Hammer Gel jugs I still have on hand that this should carry me through to IM Canada.

I did my last warm up race this past weekend at Eleven Lake Oconee. That race report will be coming soon.

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